THE SURGEON is a psychological horror set in a creaking old house in London, a house that contains a modern family of three:

SUZIE is a bright, sexy, 28 year old Scots girl with a disability, who has just inherited this wreck of a house from her grandmother. Suzie is exploring voyeurism and body image for her upcoming performance art show and as she videos and photographs herself, she begins to notice the strange, watching presence of the lodger, Isabel.
ISABEL says she is a Surgeon but she is a pathological liar. She is a sleek, silent woman, serious and beautiful in black, about 40 years old; so blank and cold she seems half-frozen. She is an embalmer, she is a carer, she is communing with death. And as she moves into Suzie’s life, so does the possibility of violence.
JIM is the local handyman. He is a working-class lad, handsome in a scruffy way and knows it. He’ll tell you himself that this story has got NOTHING TO DO WITH CLASS and everything to do with love. He’s a romantic, is Jim, and he has fallen for Suzie, big time. 
By the time he realises that Isabel is a danger to Suzie, it's too late. Suzie has become sexually fascinated by this odd woman. Jim wants to protect the woman he loves... But who will protect him?

The Surgeon is a script written by Becky, which is currently casting and seeking finance partners to go into production.