Acting Love

Here is some love received from current and past acting students:

 "Becky Sharpe - you're an absolute JOY to work with. I feel like in such a short time of knowing you you've been stamping out my life-long bad behaviours (like putting myself down or being negative) and building my acting confidence and technique with each session. You're the "stage mom" I never had. So basically... thank you!!"

Yulia Kovnat – Actress (Facebook Review)


"I attended a Screen Acting course with Becky and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It deepened my understanding of some of the Meisner techniques, as well as really helping to develop my skills in script analysis.

It was really cool to get to work remotely with actors from all around the globe and despite being online, the classes still felt very intimate. Becky is honest and encouraging in her approach to teaching. I feel that I can always fully trust her feedback. In each class, Becky gave space for reflection and appraisal which was very beneficial for my learning. It always feels that Becky is rooting for you and knows just the right amount to push you in her classes.

I found that I’ve even started to transfer what I’ve learned about acting from this class into daily life. I have started using the techniques from the class when my internal chatter starts to get loud or I start feel insecure. It has helped to ease anxiety and quiet my inner critic! So the sessions have been a fabulous acting class and therapy session wrapped in one!!”

Julie Coleman – Actress (Google review)


“Becky's classes are so interesting, thorough and entertaining. I have learned so much in each of them.

She has such an energy and she communicates her passion so well. It's really inspiring and very encouraging. The classes are always highly stimulating. It's also easy to come out of your shell because she makes the whole process feel so safe.

Her insights are very precious because she is a director with a long experience in the industry. She taught me so many things I didn't even know I needed to learn. On top of the acting practice there are always so many new perspectives and insights on the industry that come out of the class. I absolutely loved that. She changed my perception of the industry and its surroundings.

One of my favorite things about Becky is also how honest she is. About everything. You feel safe in her environment and valued because you know she is not going to beat around the bush and tell you only what you want to hear. She feels so very involved in your improvement, unlike some teachers that might not care enough to be honest with you. It is not always easy to take notes, but Becky always finds a way to be helpful, not hurtful and get the best out of us.

And even in a zoom session she will find a way to make it fun, insightful and make you feel better about acting. It is sometimes hard to face the odds of success in this industry, especially in the Covid era, and Becky interventions always helped me feel much more motivated. I always leave the classes feeling so much more confident about my capabilities and my carrier choice. And that's priceless.

Thank you so much Becky.”

Bastien Figueredo - Actor (Facebook Review)


“Going to Becky Sharpe’s workshop last weekend was incredible. I’ve missed acting so much, and I haven’t been doing acting for a long time as I was studying dance at university. I was very nervous getting back into it. Becky helped me restore the confidence and the push I needed. She has definitely made me realise that “YES, THIS IS WHAT I DEFINITELY WANT TO DO AND SUCCEED IN”.

Becky has this incredible aura where she is very straightforward and to the point of what you need to do and how to do it. Becky is also very insightful and I truly believe she knows what she is doing. A very talented person who truly cares about her students. Inspirational and worth going to her workshops, she is truly dedicating her time for her students and helping us in what we need in order to achieve our dreams. Thank you so much Becky, I really appreciate it. I do hope to see you soon, much love!”

Sahar Tariq – Actress (Facebook Review)


“I loved attending Becky Sharpe’s Screen Acting Workshop over the weekend!! I had no idea what to expect but I loved every minute. Becky is awesome she is just what I need in a teacher and have been searching for for a long long time! She’s a great mentor/director and teacher - I learnt so much on every level and I love how she makes you feel empowered to be yourself on camera. Her technique is so refreshing and inspiring I can’t wait to train more with Becky!

I have been training over the past 8 years and trained mainly in Meisner but Becky uses a variety of techniques to get the best out of you as an actor. And what I love most is that she inspires you and helps you work out your individual technique which I think is the most important thing for an actor. It’s very empowering and I love also how she is brutally honest and prepares you for being on set and for auditions and gets you making your own decisions for yourself from the word go. It’s really empowering and enlightening and I couldn’t recommend Becky enough. Thank you so so much – I’m so happy I met you and I can’t wait to learn more!” 

Henny Hardy – Actress (Facebook review)


“I have just completed a showreel weekend with Becky, filmed at a great location which was excellent for both interior and exterior scenes. Becky creates a very friendly, relaxed and professional environment, her advice, patience and attention to detail is invaluable... She understands what is needed to make a great showreel. Thanks Becky”

Lynne Austin - Actress (Facebook review)


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