Screen Acting Workshops

Develop authentic on-camera presence at a screen acting workshop with Becky, a director who will boost your confidence. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced actor, you will gain fresh showreel material and take your screen acting to the next level – and you’ll have fun too!

You can book through the Eventbrite page and you can visit the Facebook page (link below) to see clips, showreel scenes and reviews from students. If you are interested in headshots you can see more of Becky's photography at SharpeLove.com

The screen acting workshops with Becky are informal and fun, covering different topics, including the important aspects of camera acting, moment to moment connection, accepting direction, cold-reading, audition preparation, and stage dynamics with fellow cast members. We will apply the teaching to specific scenes and character roles.

If you prefer to have individual coaching sessions, please just send an email to schedule in your session.